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Walking down the memory lane of professional associations, events, networking and conferences attended or produced by Red Flag officials in recent times.

International Conference on Procurement Governance, Gurgaon 8-9 Aug 2014
National Conference on Strategic Oversight Governance

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Mr. Mukesh Arya, MD, Red Flag

"Public private alignment in PPP"


Mr. Vinaya Varma, Vice-President, M-Junction

"Procurement using auction portals"

Mr. S P Singh,

Director, Deloitte

"International compliance regime shortchanged?"


Ms. Archana Jatkar,  CUTS International

"Imperatives of Public procurement in India"

Mr. K Subramaniam, OSD, CVC India

"Managing Public procurement in India"

Red Flag presence in events, Conferences, meetings

Mr. PK Agarwal, DMICDC

"EPC- Unique Solutions for unique problems"

Mr. Nishith Seth, MD, Substratal Solutions

"Vendor frauds"

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"Structuring Audit committee: 10 pitfalls to avoid"


"Financial disclosure programme: 5 major issues to consider"

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