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Hotline Management

Report wrongdoing, confidentially and securely


Many organizations have realized the importance of installing the hot line whereby they receive complaints and allegations of fraud, mismanagement, abuse of authority, waste of resources, corruption and similar such instances of wrong doings. Success of such good initiatives depends upon consideration of the following:


Red Flag understands the unique needs of the corporate world, the Government sector and non-government organizations. It prepares the implementation plan for hot line management based on the internal rules and regulations of the corporate entities, country specific acts and pertinent laws, UN system wide ethical framework, special needs of clients or more generic value based systems.


It is advisable to discuss the whistle blower/ vigil mechanism with Red Flag to understand the nuamces.

  • Comparative advantages between in-house and outsourced EthicsCall mechanism.

  • Compliance issues with corporate governance parameters

  • Financial and HR related issues while implementing whistle blower mechanism

  • Issues of leveraging the investment in whistle blower mechanism


Does your hotline add value?
  • Is the hot line secure, confidential and at arm's length from the management?

  • Do your employees/stakeholders understand how to recognize the wrong doing and how to report them?

  • Do they feel threatened of the consequences if the management should find out the identity of those reporting the wrong doings?

  • Does the organization have a system of taking cognizance of the reported instances, always?

  • Does the organization reward those behaving ethically and punish those violating rules and regulations?, a whistle blower facility


Red Flag hosts the whistle blower facility that can be engaged by companies to comply with the legialations and much more. It provides the organization with the mechanism, training and help in cultivating the culture of doing the right things.

  • The mechanism is secure

  • Is at arms length from management

  • Keeps confidentiality of issues reported

  • Maintains anonymity of the whistle blower

  • Objective while preparing periodic reports

  • Timely and balanced advice for further action

More information on the mechanism is available at

What the hotline provides?


Typically, the team assigned to each client will put in place the following:

  • Unique ID for the client organization that collates all in-take of complaints and allegations and information.

  • Segregation of the issues according to the pre-determined criteria (critical, important)

  • Organization specific Advisory committee comprising of subject matter experts who evaluate each complaint and allegation, either continuously or periodically depending upon the case load.

  • Escalating the most exceptional cases that need attention of the Board or the C-level executives.

  • Back-end team that prepares the trends, the periodic reports and the industry specific advice on options for strategic action.

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