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While policies guide and the structures regulate, its the oversight that assures!

Secure stakeholders' confidence, confidently

The response to stakeholders' demands lies in having credible governance structures. The stronger these governance structures are, the greater is the confidence of the stake-holders and lesser is the necessity to fulfil all demands for information. Oversight governance that is independent, objective and professional would lend the managers the tools to continuously monitor their strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives. The same structures would visibly, through their reports, comfort and instill confidence in the stake-holders.


Red Flag professionals are adapt at providing client-centric services.





  • Anti-corruption projects

  • Multi-media awareness projects

  • Preparing guides on complex UN conventions

  • Evaluations of programmes

  • Country PFM assessments

  • Accountability framework

  • Risk management

  • Ethical framework assessments

  • Capacity building of Auditors General of countries

  • Enhancing capabilities of anti-corruption bodies

  • Supporting in investigation of public sector financial irregularities, forensic accounting, etc

  • Training of government officials in investigation , audit and inspection matters

  • Investigating vigilance cases

  • Reviewing adequacy of internal controls.

  • Major entries in the accounts involving estimation of figures by management.

  • Review of changes in accounting policies, practices and procedures

  • Review of related party transactions and their disclosure

  • Understanding and responding to the qualifications in the Auditors report to the shareholders.

  • Responding to the adjustments in Annual Financial statements due to report of the Auditors.

  • Review of investments in subsidiaries (listed and unlisted).

  • Use of funds obtained through public issue, rights issue or preferential capital issue.

  • Matters related to and arising out of Social audit.

  • Environmental laws and regulations and compliance thereof.

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