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The Beginning

Realizing the grey area of understanding as regards oversight matters in the corporate and public sectors, Red Flag Oversight Consultancy services was established and incorporated as a Private limited company in 2009.


The activities are spurred by the collective wisdom of oversight professionals in public sector, private sector and non-government organizations including the United Nations system and international financial institutions.


The strategic edge of the company is that it accesses the most relevant expertise in the specific oversight needs of its clients from its vast pool of international professionals. We are in the business of advising on governance, accountability, transparency, risk management, training, auditing, investigation and promoting ethics in large and medium sized business entities.

The Vision & Mission

The Vision

To be continuously respected for integrity, professionalism, and ethical standards as providers of oversight services in a confidential and secure manner to those in governance roles worldwide.


The Mission

The mission of Red Flag is to provide most confidential, timely, consistently reliable and strategic professional advice to entities in need of oversight support.


Who We are

Red Flag puts together dedicated team of consultants on individual projects depending upon the skill sets required. The selection process is dovetailed to meet the client needs and in sync with the professionalism expected of the Red Flag.

Our Solutions

Red Flag brings together the oversight expertise and provides 'one-stop-shop' to its clients in private, public and NGO sectors for securing confidential, strategic and timely oversight solutions for the top management of entities across the world. For example, It helps the Board and the stake holders maintain the desired level of accountability and good governance. It also helps federal, provincial and local bodies launch, assess or enhance the transparency, ethics and good governance programmes. Red Flag also is the vehicle to carry the outsourced oversight responsibilities of the international financial institutions and the international organizations vis-a-vis the target beneficiaries.

  • Internal Investigations

  • CEO / Board Support Advisory

  • Strengthening Internal Audit

  • Enhancing Ethical Environment

  • International Organization - Oversight Support

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