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Prof M M Pant


Prof M M Pant (INDIA) has applied himself dynamically for last 40 years, in research, teaching, administration and managing Government and private enterprises, he is now on designing and building systems that can meet the challenges of an inclusive education of high quality for the next generation that must be in tune with the emerging knowledge economy.


He thinks about human capital, systems designs, research and business success. After having been the Pro-Vice Chancellor of IGNOU, Chancellor of NUMGEX and several international and national institutes of repute; he decided at the age of 53 to give shape to his conviction that education on a business platform could be rewarding. He founded and successfully launched his company called PlanetEdu and a few others, gave shape to his passion in a venture named ‘Timeless Life Skills’, and founded LMP Education Trust.


He is a vlaued advisor and mentor to the executive team of the Red Flag and EthicsCall in all matters concerning education, quality and business thereof.

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